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What is Our Local?

Our Local is a directory website co-designed with children and young people under the age of 24 in NSW to help them find local and state-wide opportunities, activities, services and events.

Where did Our Local come from?

Children and young people from a diverse range of backgrounds, interests and experiences have expressed the need to have an easy way to access local and state-wide opportunities, activities, services and events. Through consultations, polls and focus groups for the NSW Strategic Plan for Children and Young People and ongoing, access to this information continues to be raised by children and young people as a priority for them.

There are thousands of opportunities, activities, services and events provided by NSW Government and non-government partners who work with, by and on behalf of children and young people. For this reason, Our Local was developed to bring this information together into one place.

Key benefits of Our Local include

  • Our Local is free for you to promote your opportunities, activities, services and events to children and young people
  • Our Local will be promoted locally and across NSW with many cross-promotional benefits and synergies of the collated information being together in one place
  • Our Local is a NSW Government initiative designed to meet the diverse expressed needs of children and young people across NSW

What organisations are eligible?

Organisations that fit the following criteria can register to be on Our Local.

1. The organisation is:

  • A NSW Government or Australian Government department or agency
  • A non-government organisation (NGO) that receives funding or grants from a NSW Government or Australian Government department or agency
  • A Local Government office
  • A registered Active Kids or Creative Kids provider

2. The organisation provides for:

  • Those between the age of 0 and 24 years old
  • In the state of New South Wales

3. The organisation provides any of the following:

  • Opportunities: E.g. creative arts programs and educational opportunities
  • Activities: E.g. Sports and recreation programs and community activities
  • Services: E.g. Support, aid and care services
  • Events: E.g. Youth Week, festivals and local events

4. The organisation understands:

  • Anything published includes specific opportunities, activities, services or events that are safe and inclusive for children and / or young people under 24 years of age in New South Wales.
  • No alcohol is available or present at anything published.
  • Anything published is a government program or part of a program that receives government funding or grants.
  • The publisher is an official representative of the organisation and is delegated to provide information on behalf of the organisation.

Register your organisation

How to raise awareness

A media kit is available that can be used to make sure the people in your networks are utilising Our Local. It includes social media content, website content, eNewsletter content, and print-outs. This can be used to raise awareness within your organisation, to your stakeholders, the children and young people you work with, and their parents / guardians / carers for example.

Access the Media Kit